Landing surfaces

Safety and Comfort

Mats for top-rope and leading walls

Mats of 5 or 10cm in depth are most commonly used for indoor rope climbing walls. They offer excellent stability while belaying, and comfortable landing for the start of lead climbs and traversing.

The mats are made of foam with a removable PVC cover and have connecter flaps. They can be folded away along the length of the wall to create extra floor space.

Crash mats for bouldering walls

Crash mats for bouldering walls have been developed to attenuate the impact of any kind of fall. They are made of high density foam of 40cm in depth with a protective cover, and an additional cover is also available as an extra option to ensure greater durability of the landing surface.

The outer cover is available in different colours to suit the aesthetic requirements of your project.

To facilitate sit starts in overhanging areas, we can install a thinner strip of mat at the base of the wall.

Soft flooring

A comfortable, aesthetic and practical solution for giving your roped ACS a quality landing surface.

Soft flooring allows for an extra high quality finish by integrating the landing surface into the floor of your building. It also guarantees perfect stability when belaying and allows access to the base of the wall in a wheelchair or scissor lift.

You can choose the colour of your soft flooring from a large selection of tones.