Inspection and Maintenance

Safety, longevity and expertise

It is essential to ensure that climbing structures open to the public remain compliant in order to guarantee that the facility provides the level of safety expected by the users.

Kit Grimpe offers than just an inspection service. We not only inspect the Artificial Climbing Structure, but also carry out preventive maintenance and minor corrective maintenance to reduce costs (by avoiding further corrective work) and extend the life of the wall. This work is carried out by a team of expert technicians in accordance with the procedures established in the French “Guide pour le Contrôle et la Maintenance des SAE” (Guide for the Inspection and Maintenance of ACS) by the FIFAS & FFME.

We also carry out maintenance for Personal Protective Equipment and can provide you with a monitoring book for the PPE.

To guarantee a quick response, we have built a network covering the whole of France.

When the inspection and the maintenance have been finished, we will send you a visit report stating the condition of your ACS and confirming your legal obligations for inspecting the structure.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us by phone us or send us an email.

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